Nirula's Replaces Legacy System with SAP

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Oct 21, 2009

Nirula’s, a popular restaurant chain in North India, was finding its legacy system insufficient for its ambitious growth plans. So the group decided to consolidate its business processes on a SAP platform

Legacy System and Problems

Prior to the SAP installation, Nirula’s was heavily depended on its legacy system, which had remained more or less unchanged for a long time. The main concern-areas were:

* Production planning was a complex process with orders coming in from clients, Nirula’s own restaurants as well as from franchise restaurants.

* Homogeneity of solutions and platform was becoming a bigger concern every day, according to Arun Raj GM (IT) of Nirula’s, as the company was using different software solutions for every operation.

* Inventory management and production planning were missing, as were basic reporting capabilities.

All these necessitated the need for a single, integrated solution which would provide Nirula’s with all these components. Keeping this in mind, Raj and his team started hunting for an appropriate solution.

The Hunt for a Solution

"We realized that most of the end-users had a very good idea of what solutions they were using and the pain areas that needed to be addressed. So we decided to involve all of them in the decision-making process. For this, we identified two people from every department, they were then shown product demos of the potential solutions," informed Raj.

Most of them agreed that SAP provided the most features with minimum modification requirements. Having cleared this, Nirula’s decided to implement Zenzar Technologies’ preconfigured solution — ‘Zen Gourmet’ — which is built on SAP platform.

Post-implementation Benefits

Implementation of Zen Gourmet and integration of the disparate systems on the SAP platform took about six months to complete. Raj says that some benefits that they have seen post-SAP are better quality of analysis, reduction in uptimes and a more robust IT infrastructure.

Future Technology Plans

Raj said the company will look to stabilize the newly deployed SAP platform while trying to get the most out of it. A few projects lined up include integrating the Point of Sale solutions in their restaurants with the central platform. Raj also said that they are considering getting a HR module in the existing SAP setup.