Nortel, Websense Join Forces On Wireless Security

by CXOtoday Staff    Oct 27, 2005

Nortel and Websense Inc. have signed an agreement to develop a web content filtering solution, which would protect GSM/ UMTS mobile handsets from receiving and accessing unwanted content.

“Wireless service providers and subscribers alike are finding their handsets increasingly receiving unwanted or even malicious content from spammers, hackers or overly aggressive marketers,” said Brian Burke, IDC.

“Combined with a number of worldwide initiatives by wireless providers to block the delivery of pornographic content to handsets in use by underage individuals, this announcement is all the more timely and relevant,” added Burke.

According to the companies, URL filtering and security solutions will help protect mobile handsets and devices from content that interferes with voice and data services and also block downloading of malicious code. It will also allow GSM/ UMTS wireless operators to set mobile handset and device internet access policies for subscribers across three URL filtering categories: security threats, adult materials, and undesirable content. Each category would contain content in a variety of sub-categories, which allows for flexible and carefully defined policy settings.

To protect themselves from threats and unwanted content found on high security risk websites, subscribers will be able to request the operator to automatically block malicious content from reaching their wireless devices. Also, further, providers can now empower parents to prevent their children from viewing inappropriate or dangerous material.

“The task of protecting mobile subscribers and their devices from unwanted content has become a significant concern for wireless carriers and subscribers around the globe as new voice, video and data services are increasingly accessed on the go,” said Deborah Bourland, Vice President, GSM/ UMTS packet core product line management, Nortel.

Websense URL filtering technology will be combined with Nortel’s GSM/ UMTS wireless packet core solution (GGSN platform) and is expected to be made available to operators by the end of 2005. Recently released Websense v6.1 web filtering and web security software now fully and seamlessly supports the wireless protocols and standards WML and WAP, along with HTML and HTTP. This support provides handset users who access the internet the same level of protection that traditional browser-based users experience from Websense software.

The Nortel GGSN wireless packet core solution integrates wireless and IP value-added services and enables personalized IP packet inspection and filtering for a given user’s data session. The GGSN also supports content-based-billing, VPN, and real-time prepaid data, and is ‘IMS Ready’ for the support of advanced service capabilities being delivered as part of the 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem.

Websense provides web filtering and web security solutions to over 24,000 organizations worldwide. For a free 30-day evaluation of Websense software visit In addition, Websense Security Labs offers free email security updates.