Notebooks Will Dominate the PC Market in 2008-09

by Muntazir Abbas    Jul 09, 2008

The PC market in India is poised to touch 8.5 million units in 2008-09, according to a study by MAIT, the apex body representing India’s IT hardware, training and R&D service sectors.

Vinnie Mehta, Executive Director of MAIT said, “The notebook sector will see a growth of nearly 65% in the next year, which is a quantum jump in the industry.” Aggressive pricing and demand in purchase due to IT initiated applications including education and household usage will further boost the demand.

He said, “The notebook usage has driven the PC market and sales figures have crossed 1.8 million units so far.” States like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat and Goa with IT-focused strategies and established small-and-medium enterprises are driving the need for PCs. The growth in BPO and IT-enabled services, e-governance initiatives, telecom, banking and financial service sectors has also played a vital part, he said.

“Besides increasing PC sales, Broadband services are getting acceptance and will open new vistas for content generation”, said Mukul Singhal, President, MAIT.

However, DSL and cable will be the common means for Internet connectivity among businesses. 43% businesses depend upon on these mediums for Internet connectivity, 16% use dial-up connections, 7% use leased-line, 12% use data cards, 2% use VSAT and 18% use ISDN services, he said.

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