Novell Challenges Microsoft With Cocktail Release

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 14, 2004

Novell today announced the upcoming public beta software availability of its Open Enterprise Server, a unique combination of proprietary (closed) code and its open source networking platform (SuSE Linux), supplemented with integrated management tools, identity-based services and an entire ecosystem of support to meet enterprise-class computing needs.

Open Enterprise Server includes both Novell’s NetWare and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 operating systems, with a common management interface, giving customers the freedom to choose their deployment configuration.

Jack Messman, Novell chairman and CEO, said, “With the latest version of NetWare contained in it, Open Enterprise Server includes everything customers expect from NetWare, plus full support for Linux and open source Web and application services. With the application and Web capabilities of SuSE, the server provides an open and flexible alternative to Microsoft. Customers can now choose to deploy services on either NetWare or SuSE, or both, even running in a mixed environment with Windows servers.”

Novell Open Enterprise Server is currently undergoing closed beta testing by the largest beta testing pool in Novell’s history, following the largest-ever beta application response for a single Novell product.

According to beta applicants planning to implement Linux in the next 18 months, 48 percent are looking to Linux as a replacement for Windows 2000/2003. As their primary reason for rolling out Linux, 33 percent cited stability, 30 percent said they want to take advantage of open source, and 25 percent listed cost savings as their top motivator.

Novell Open Enterprise Server is due to begin public beta testing in early November, with pricing and general availability to be announced at a later date.

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