Novell releases free version of sentinel log manager

by CXOtoday Staff    Feb 18, 2011

log collectionNovell (NASDAQ:NOVL) has recently released a free version of Sentinel Log Manager, which is expected to enable customers to its leverage key capabilities including log collection at 25 events per second, search and reporting capabilities for compliance requirements and security forensics.

“With the release of the free version of Sentinel Log Manager, Novell is showing a strong commitment to reducing the burden of regulatory compliance,” remarked Brian Singer, senior solution manager, security, Novell. “Log management also provides the foundation for user activity monitoring, an important capability that’s becoming mandatory to combat emerging threats.”

According to the company, customers can upgrade to a full license that supports additional features such as distributed search and log forwarding. This version makes it simpler for customers to start using log management as a tool to improve security and ensure regulatory compliance.

The log manager includes pre-configured templates and also uses non-proprietary storage technology to deliver intelligent data management and greater storage flexibility. The tool is meant to provide visibility into IT infrastructure activities. Built using SUSE Studio, Novell’s web-based appliance building solution, this tool enables customers to reduce deployment cost and complexity in highly distributed IT environments.