Now Talk To Any Smart Device With Viv

by CXOtoday News Desk    May 10, 2016


Consumers with the new Viv can converse with any of their smart device in an Internet of Things (IoT) environment.

The creator of the offering, Dag Kittlaus has said that the technology will be used to fetch life to lifeless objects and devices used in day to day activities via conversation.

The assistant leverages a first of its kind mechanism under which it creates a software program to come up with the most relevant response to a question after utilizing speech recognition to evaluate the user’s intent, based on his words.

‘’This is software that’s writing itself. The process, which takes just 10 milliseconds or so, enables Viv to scale in ways that other digital assistants currently cannot,’’ said Kittlaus.

Viv Labs, the company which created Viv plans to officially launch the new assistant by the end of 2016 via a group of handpicked partners. It will eventually be rolled out for developers to utilize this new breakthrough in technology.

“For developers, Viv will be the next great marketplace and channel for offering content, commerce and services,’’ said Kittlaus.