NSS India Launches IP Rock & Email Monitoring

by Julia Fernandes    Oct 21, 2004

Pune-based Network Security Solutions India Ltd. (NSS) has launched two network security products, IP Rock and E-mail monitoring system (EMS), both targeted at the SME segment in India.

Speaking to CXOtoday about IP Rock, Inder Raj, senior vice president, Network Security Solutions, said, “IP Rock is a VPN tunneling solution that enables organizations to utilize networks and access data through a link dedicated to secure all IP-based communications. Apart from securing information on the Internet or Intranet, it also authenticates users, servers and gateways to one another, encrypting all communication between parties.”

IP Rock, which was showcased at CeBIT Asia 2004, is a platform independent solution that ensures that only authorized personnel gain access to the Intranet. Moreover, IP Rock also allows users to define and control user access on information on the Intranet.

Meanwhile, EMS enables monitoring at various network segments in a stealth mode-which is the most secure mode. According to Raj the solution monitors email (SMTP, POP, IMAP, Webmail), Instant Messenger (yahoo, MSN), and chat- port 80 based on keywords and/or phrases.

The solution, which also has additional features such as user portioning, scheduling, graphical analysis, reporting and other administrative utilities, can also be scaled from the enterprise to the ISP level deployment, claims Raj.

Tags: security, IP