Obama, Britney Spears' Twitter Account Hacked

by Techtree News Staff    Jan 06, 2009

The social networking blog site Twitter is facing security related issues these days. According to reports, more than 30 Twitter accounts have been hacked recently. These include accounts of prominent people like President-elect Barack Obama, Britney Spears, and CNN anchor Rick Sanchez.  Accounts of well-known organizations like Fox News have also been reportedly hacked.

This phishing attack seems to have spread rapidly over the last two days and has lead to obscene comments written about private parts, drugs, and sex. However, these comments were soon deleted by the Twitter authorities or the account holders.

A post on the official Twitter blog said that they immediately locked down the accounts and investigated the issue. These accounts were compromised by an individual who hacked into some of the tools used by Twitter s support team. Twitter, then, immediately took the support tools offline and will put them back only when they’re safe and secure.

All we can say is that if you are a Twitter user, avoid clicking on links from unknown sources and report any kind of unusual activity you spot on the website.