Office Automation Is The New Smart Investment

Ripu Daman

An organization’s prosperity lies in the dedication of their employees. In this ever-aggressive corporate sector, the biggest priority for any company is to invest in resources that keep their employee happy, motivated and productive. Office automation helps organizations to canalize their work standards faster and establish a stronger work management.

What is office automation? Office automation is defined as the application of electronic devices in administrative practices with an aim of raising efficiency.  

Just how our homes are turning smart, offices in India have started embracing office automation as well. Office automation is the heart of Home automation segment. According to industry reports, the entire office automation segment consists of 30 percent of entire home automation sector in India.    

When we talk about office automation, choosing the right light for one’s office is no less than choosing the right laptop. It has a major play, in both, giving an eclectic look to one’s workspace and boosting one’s mood. Lighting plays a crucial role in maintaining a work-like ambiance and aesthetics of an organization. But, most importantly, skillful use of light can have a major effect on one’s mood.

Don’t beautifully lit spaces quickly boost one’s mood? Ever thought about it? There is no doubt that light is important for vision, but it also plays an important role in elevating one’s mood or the way one feels. Different shades and tones of light have a different impact on one’s moods. Like, bright light makes one happy and cheerful and soft lights give one a feeling of calmness and relaxation. It is all about creating the right mood, for the employees to get them productive.  

This ever-evolving technology world plays a great deal in the development of an organization and its workforce. Lighting is just a complementary element that assists in enhancing productivity. The wide range of light and shading control system helps to set a warm and welcoming tone in the office.

Automation, without sacrificing comfort, delivers significant savings and an enhanced experience. Organisations are increasingly turning to LED technology for its energy-saving potential.

Office automation not only helps in setting the right mood for employees but, also help in becoming energy efficient and cut operational costs in future. For example, organizations can design a structure that is well ventilated and install light and shade controls. This will accentuate the architectural details, blocking the sun’s glare and thus creating a friendly ambiance. Similarly, installation of energy-efficient light control solutions and battery-operated wireless sensors in various rooms and public areas can help them reduce electricity consumption up to 70 percent.

When we talk about energy efficiency and conservation, it doesn’t necessarily imply turning off the lights. Lighting can account for up to 40 percent a year in commercial buildings. It is noted that with regards to lighting in commercial establishments there is the potential to reduce energy consumption by 25 percent to 50 percent.

Hence, we are of a world view that office automation is not just a smart investment for an organization to cut down their operational cost, but to also create an environment where employees feel cheerful, driven and productive. 

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