OKI Launches MoBiz Platform for Smartphones

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 09, 2009

OKI Electric Industry has unveiled the ‘MoBiz’ package software product line, which is a mobile solution for companies that use smartphones as business devices. Initially, OKI will offer MoBiz Platform, the first full-scale middleware platform in the industry for developing and implementing business applications on smartphones, and ‘MoBiz AP for CE Support System,’ which is an application to support the maintenance business and the first application package to operate on MoBiz Platform.

With businesses now using mobile devices for functions other than just telephony, high-performance smartphones are receiving more attention — as a solution that overcomes the drawbacks of older mobile phones and as a device that is designed to be more convenient and user-friendly.

The MoBiz Platform has been developed jointly by OKI and OKI Access Technologies. With this middleware, enterprise users can shorten smartphone application development times and develop and operate low cost mobile applications. The company stated that this middleware overcomes the limits posed by smartphones, such as smaller screens and unstable access to 3G networks compared to LAN.

MoBiz AP for CE Support System is the first application package to operate on the MoBiz Platform. Customer engineers (CEs) will be armed with information at customers’ sites and enterprises will be able to reduce the time to introduce a CE support system.