Once Upon A Time….Converted Leads Into Customers By Telling a Story

by CXOtoday Staff    May 03, 2011

storytelling“1960, playground fight, not involved, unjustly caned.”

Thats a one line story, I read on a site called Onlineflashfiction.com.

I was born almost 20 years after the referred incident took place, but the story still managed to send me down the memory lanes of my childhood and reminded me of another incident where I was unjustly caned. That’s what stories do, they help you connect with an emotion, a memory or a thought.

Stories unfold all around us, on billboards, on television sets, on youtube, in movie theaters, in books, during conversations, almost everywhere, everyday most of our waking hours and sometimes even when we are deep in sleep.

Everyone loves a good story, if that was not the case, film and publishing industries around the globe would have perished and our social conversations would have turned mundane.

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