Online Tools to Check Health Status of Data Center

by Manu Sharma    Apr 27, 2009

APC By Schneider Electric, an energy management company is offering online comprehensive assessment tools targeted at data centers. The tools help evaluate and determine the health status of the existing infrastructure and also help enable up to 30% energy savings.
The APC online tools are new Web-based applications with easy-to-use interfaces designed for use in the early stages of data center concept and help CIOs or IT managers design the right physical layer of the data centre.
Reports indicate that data centre consumes the maximum amount of energy and out of 100% energy that goes into a data center, only 2% gets effectively utilized by the IT architecture.
Talking to CXOtoday, Pankaj Sharma, vice-president & sales of APC By Schneider Electric (APAC) said, We provide the physical infrastructure design for the data centres that gives better cooling and power management through our intelligent software. Our software was now available online free for any CIOs to determine the energy efficiencies of their existing data centres and redesign them accordingly.
The company offers tools from desktops to data centres for the home segment, SMBs to large enterprises.
The website is a comprehensive site with links to various tools like Data Centre Power Sizing Calculator, Virtualization Energy Cost Calculator, Energy Efficient Calculator etc.
All our software are designed in-house by the APC development centres. In fact, APC has two development centres in India at Bangalore that have contributed significantly in the developments of the software, said Sharma.
The InfraStrucXure (ISX) is a energy efficient, modular and scalable architecture comprising of - UPS, power distribution, cooling, racks, and management tools technologies like InRow cooling, high efficiency UPS systems etc help save data center operational costs in a big way, enabling up to 30% energy savings.
The tool set ISX Central and with ISX Capacity Manager allows APC customers to not only manage their energy, but for the first time have the eyes to see what is actually using the energy and allow customers to see where free energy can be utilized without compromising the facility. ISX Central also allows customers to commence projects to remove energy hungry / lowly performing technologies with new efficient product and ISX Change Manager is the tool to manage change.

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