Open-source is in the crux of today's innovations

by Sharon Lobo    Aug 20, 2013

The last few years have witnessed a massive uptake of open-source software, so much so that it has managed to revolutionize every aspect of technology. For instance, Google’s Android has changed the face of mobile computing, while Apache’s Hadoop enables business leverage Big Data like never before. 

Red Hat, one of the big names in the open-source world, has shown how commercializing open source software enables a large number of corporates to benefit from solutions developed by communities. In an exclusive interview to CXOtoday, Arun Kumar, GM, Red Hat India talks about the way adoption of open-source solutions has changed the computing landscape. He further explains that unlike proprietary software which is vendor driven, the innovations in open-source software continues to be driven by the users.

1. How has the adoption of open-source software in India evolved over the last few years? (00:18)

2. What role has open-source software played in the innovations of new technologies? (03:18)

3. Could you highlight Red Hat’s recent innovations in the open-source space? (04:45)

4. What do think about traditional proprietary software makers jumping on to the open-source bandwagon? (06:09)

5. Do open-source software witness mass adoption only if a large corporate backs it? (07:20)

6. How is Red Hat promoting the education of open-source software in India? (10:19)

7. What is your roadmap for the Indian market? (11:54)

8. What is your Leadership Mantra?