Optical networking market to witness modest growth

by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 28, 2013

optical networking
Global optical networking (ON) spending versus the year-ago quarter receded for the fourth consecutive quarter in the fourth quarter of 2012, finds Ovum. While some pockets of growth remain, spending in the fourth quarter of 2012 versus the same quarter last year was down in every region, and the market remains mired in recession.

In a new market share analysis*, the global industry analysts reveals annualized revenue versus the year-ago period was down for the third consecutive quarter, falling 6 percent from the the fourth quarter of 2011 level. The market finished 2012 at nearly US$14.6bn, more than US$1.0bn lower than 2011. According to Ovum, annual spending in Asia-Pacific was up 3 per cent from the 2011 level, but not enough to offset declines of 13 per cent in North America, 12 per cent in EMEA, and 3 per cent in South & Central America.

“The current downturn is being driven by several factors including faltering economic growth in Europe and the US, lower pricing due to intense vendor competition, and a quickening in the shift in spending away from TDM aggregation equipment,” says Ron Kline. “Guidance from vendors is cautiously optimistic, with good short-term visibility into order growth, while long-term vision on customer spending patterns remains cloudy.”

Ovum believes the market pressures prevalent in 2012 will likely continue to influence the market into 2013.

In terms of vendor performance, FiberHome was the biggest share winner for the year as the company gained 1 share point while market leader Huawei gained 0.9 points. Other share winners in 2012 included Ciena, ZTE, NEC, Ericsson and Cisco in order of most to least gain. Alcatel-Lucent, Fujitsu and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) saw market share decline in 2012.

“All is not lost, even with four uninspiring quarters of 2012 behind us; Ovum’s forecast predicts 2 percent growth globally for 2013 with the ON market surpassing $17.1bn in 2018. Overall Ovum foresees strong growth in SCA, modest growth in Asia-Pacific and low growth in EMEA, North America and submarine line terminal equipment sales,” concludes Kline.