Oracle, Spectrum7 Technologies Conduct CIO Meets

by Swaminathan B    Aug 30, 2017


Oracle and Spectrum7 Technologies recently conducted an event for the CIOs in Chennai and Coimbatore. The event showcased oracle cloud competencies in the areas of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS portfolio along with the capabilities of Spectrum7 IOT and Data Science skills partnering with the CIO Klubs in both the cities.

Spectrum7 Technologies partnered with Oracle for implementation of its key products and solutions on the cloud and also integrating IOT and AI solutions with the Oracle solutions. This give the customers a unique value proposition in terms of getting the best of the platforms on cloud and gathering data and analytics with advanced technology.


According to Spectrum7 Technologies, Chennai and Coimbatore have been the hub of manufacturing industries in the south. “More than 65% of heavy vehicles produced in the country, such as cars, buses, lorries, trains and bicycles, are produced in Chennai, and it is referred to as the Detroit of Asia. Coimbatore also known as ‘cotton city” and ‘Manchester of South India’ in Tamil Nadu is the source of nearly 35% of India’s cotton production. Also, these two cities house the major IT software exporters of south India after Bangalore. Hence the need for technology adoption and provide bring cost benefit to these manufacturing houses has become a necessity than dream,” said Sidharth Subramani, MD of Spectrum7 Technologies.


“These events become an eye opener to the organizations participating in the events and provide useful insight about the benefits that today’s technology can provide to their organizations,” he added. 

Oracle believes the need of the hour is the initiation of their ‘cloud journey’, whether it begins with SaaS PaaS or IaaS and Spectrum7 is driving that growth. The company has engineering capabilities to build IOT to connect your remote assets and monitor their parameters and control them as required. We provide unique experience in connecting huge number of Assets and doing an Asset Performance Management (APM) through their Intelligent Data Analytics system.

Spectrum7 will also be conducting events with Oracle in key cities in India to the decision makers and also will participate in Cloud and IOT conferences worldwide through which we’ll be reaching out to customers to provide to the man experience that they would value. One of the key discussions discussions on how to move their on premise models to cloud platforms and how they could connect their performing assets for better management. The event was extremely successful and informative at the same time.

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