'Our cloud services address key CIO challenges'

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Sep 13, 2010

Vikas BansalVikas Bansal, director, carrier sales (India) for Cable&Wireless Worldwide gives us a view of Cable&Wireless’ cloud computing portfolio and also gives his insights on the future of Internet and on-demand services

What are the services Cable&Wireless is currently providing under its cloud computing portfolio? Are you planning any acquisitions to strengthen your cloud computing portfolio?

We provide a host of services under our cloud computing (CC) portfolio including managed mail services, managed video conferencing, managed storage services, flexible computing, web IP-CCTV, virtual contact center etc.

All our cloud services are focused on addressing key CIO challenges such as utility-based pricing model that will enable the IT cost base to get better aligned to the profile of the business. Our solutions ensure that the CIO does not need to make significant in-house investments to replicate the capability, while enabling the shift from CAPEX to OPEX.

Right now, we are not looking at any acquisitions in this space.

What kind of projects are you handling in India?

An example is Vertex, a leading global customer management outsourcing business with clients in the private and public sectors, has signed a £40 million, five-year private cloud contract with Cable&Wireless Worldwide. We will provide a fully-managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution for Vertex to host its IT infrastructure, in the UK and India, in a private cloud within Cable&Wireless Worldwide’s secure data center environments. Vertex will also have global access to all its information via Cable&Wireless Worldwide’s high-speed next-generation network (NGN).

Vertex’s IT infrastructure was previously a mixture of several platforms. Cable&Wireless Worldwide was selected to provide an IaaS proposition, as part of an initiative to simplify the existing IT infrastructure, which will consolidate Vertex’s expanding corporate and customer IT infrastructure, consisting of more than 1,600 operating systems and 600 physical servers, and will accommodate 200 terabytes of storage space.

Cable&Wireless Worldwide will also provide a fully-managed email platform and secure Internet access to Vertex users.

Which organizations are moving towards the cloud and what kind of services are being opted for?

The interest is high with a number of large and small players looking at a slew of cloud-based services, from full-blown applications to storage services to spam filtering. Acceptance is growing rapidly and we believe that in the next 2-3 years, a majority of the large players would be using some form of cloud-based service.

The early movers will be from the IT/BPO and financial services and the key services on the cloud will be primarily in the mailing services, contact center applications, storage services, utility computing, etc.

Just how disruptive will cloud computing be? What kind of changes can we expect in the IT ecosystem due to it?

Most of the big organizations today run large IT departments having multi-million dollar budgets. We know that businesses want to utilize these budgets to strengthen their services and products, not fund IT departments and infrastructure.

Cloud computing offers an ideal solution which allows the organizations to focus on their core competency. Once this becomes mainstream, this can fundamentally alter the business models of large organizations.