"Our India launch to be big next year!"

by Darinia Khongwir    Nov 26, 2012

Dhruv Sawhney Paypal

Imagine a scenario where you can go to the beach without having to take their wallets. After all, you do leave it behind. But, when you need to shop, you can shop without paper or plastic. Sounds incredible? Not so, says Dhruv Sawhney, Director, Enterprise Product Global Operational Excellence, PayPal. In an exclusive interview to CXOtoday, Dhruv talks about how PayPal will be available to consumers to make purchases in the Indian market by early next year. Excerpts.

Could you tell us more about PayPal’s investments in India.
In the next two to three years, we are targeting to hire over 1000 experts. We just opened our offices about three months ago. PayPal in Bangalore and India is really reinventing itself and going through some major transformation. This is the role that brought me to India is to head a global market strategy, which is essentially looking at the right kind of work to do in this location. (Sawhney started with operations and sales, headed the global product management in Dublin before moving to Bangalore).

Can you talk more about the transformation PayPal is going through in India?
The transformation is two-fold. We are focused on the end-to-end ownership of any product line. We don’t want someone to design or conceptualize in North America for our engineers to deliver in Bangalore. We are not looking to hire 5,000-10,000 people. We want the best of the talent that is available in the market. And we will take our time to hire the right people. We will not be rushing to hire people.

What are the market opportunities in India given that there is a huge mobile segment?
We are currently looking at tapping into this huge market. And that is giving us a new opportunity to identify market areas. IIT Madras has taken up some research work for us in that regard. We are already in this market for the last six-eight months and we are in a good position to take it up by early next year. For PayPal we had to work around certain regulations. We are coming to a closure now. And the hope would be that at some point next year we would be in a position to launch in a big way in India.

PayPal also depends heavily on cloud. How do you deal with the security issues concerning cloud?
When it comes to PayPal, most people associate the PayPal brand with being secure. And the reason that is while we take your financial information, we never give that out. So, we take on the risk of the transaction without sharing any of your personal information. Despite hackers, we have the lowest record of loss in the industry.

How is PayPal leveraging big data?
It’s part of the technology that we are looking at. Big Data is essentially very critical for us. If we can’t harness that information, you really can’t develop the next generation of ideas. So we really need the ability to start capturing those volumes of information. So that is definitely one of the key technology strategies for us.

What tools do intend to you use to manage big data?
I don’t have that kind of information but I can say that we have a dedicated regional group which focuses on its management. There is a lot of investment being made in this space.