Palo Alto Networks Unveils APAC WildFire Cloud

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 21, 2017

Palo Alto

Security company Palo Alto Networks has unveiled its APAC WildFire cloud, located in Singapore. The service allows customers in the region to benefit from Palo Alto Networks WildFire cloud-delivered threat analysis and prevention capabilities, while addressing customer’s data privacy concerns, via an APAC-based cloud. WildFire is now available with regional-specific clouds in Asia-Pacific (APAC), the European Union, Japan, and North America.

As cyberattacks grow in complexity and sophistication, threat prevention has become more difficult, time-consuming and expensive, especially when done in isolation. Today, this is not a fight any one organisation can win alone. A global, cloud-delivered, community-driven approach to aggregated threat analysis is crucial to achieving the best possible threat intelligence and prevention, to effectively defend against a community of attackers who share information, attack methods, and techniques.


However, recent developments in data regulation – both globally and in the region – have heightened concerns about data transfer, protection and sovereignty. By offering customers the ability to submit their unknown content to the APAC WildFire cloud for analysis and verdict, customers will have more control and certainty over the location of their data, in order to better comply with their data sovereignty and privacy requirements, while continuing to capitalise on the benefits of globally shared threat data, the company said in a statement.


Additionally, with the APAC WildFire cloud, security teams across the region can accelerate threat hunting, analytics, and response efforts, with globally correlated intelligence from the entire WildFire community, made directly accessible through the Palo Alto Networks AutoFocus contextual threat intelligence service, it added.


The launch of the APAC WildFire cloud is part of Palo Alto Networks commitment to customers in Singapore and the wider APAC region, following the opening of its new APAC headquarters in Singapore earlier this year. The investments made in Singapore into local cloud infrastructure, and an on-site threat intelligence team – Unit 42 – will provide customers in the region, and globally, the opportunity for increased protection against advanced cyberattacks.


“As businesses in Asia-Pacific continue to grow at a rapid pace and modern networks evolve, so too will the threat of cyberattacks. Our APAC WildFire cloud allows organisations to tap into global prevention capabilities and counter increasingly sophisticated threats, while addressing their data sovereignty and privacy concerns,” Simon Green, senior vice president, Asia-Pacific, Palo Alto Networks.