Panda ActiveScan Pro Launched

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 13, 2005

Panda Software has launched the new version 1.50.00 of Panda ActiveScan Pro.

The new online solution includes the Genetic Heuristic Engine, which according to the company detects new unknown malicious code without the need for prior updates, thereby capable of eliminating even unknown threats that normal antivirus let through.

According to Panda Software, malicious code creators are currently focusing their attention on botnets, targeted attacks and spyware distribution, driven by financial motivations.

Since the threat creators perpetrate attacks silently, users or security companies are often unaware of the existence of new malicious codes. Traditional antivirus can only defend against identified threats, and so leaves users vulnerable to such attacks.

Also, Panda ActiveScan Pro can also- if specified by the user - eliminate potentially dangerous applications that could be used by hackers from the system.

The anti-malware solution acts only when prompted by the user, disinfecting computers on-demand. For this reason it does not require installation of software on the computer, simply the download of a few ActiveX controls.

Its SmartClean2 technology restores systems (registry entries, creation of unusable files, etc.) to their status prior to the attack, preventing collateral damage caused by viruses