PandaLabs: Conficker Worm a Global Menace

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 22, 2009

The study that involved almost 2 million computers, reported the infection to have originated in China. It reported the worm to have had extended across 83 countries, and was particularly virulent in Spain, the US, Taiwan, Brazil and Mexico.


"Of the 2 million computers analyzed, around 115,000 were infected with this malware, a phenomenon we haven’t seen since the times of the great epidemics of Kournikova or Blaster", said Luis Corrons, technical director of PandaLabs.


The worm variants are launching brute force attacks to extract passwords from infected computers, and the frequency of weak passwords (common words, own names, etc.) has aided the distribution of this worm - said the report.


The worm uses an innovative system of social engineering to spread via USB devices: The report said that the that the worm uses the Windows options menu that appears when inserting a USB device, and then disguised the option to run the program (activating the malware) to open the folder to see the file.