'Panini will be an ideal fit for Indian consumers'

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Mar 29, 2011

Indian start-up - Luna Ergonomics, has developed a new predictive keypad to make typing in regional languages much simpler. Honored with an award for innovation at the recently concluded Nasscom India Leadership Summit this year, the company has finally found recognition and is now looking to build on that. We caught up with Surjendu Kuila, AVP, Luna Ergonomics, to find out more about the Panini Keypad and the company’s plans for the future.

Congrats! How does it feel to be awarded an innovation honour by Nasscom?
Yes, it feels great. We need accreditation from companies like Nasscom and we are very privileged to be here and to receive the award.

So how important was this for you?
We definitely feel it is very significant because all the honchos of the industry are here and they have now come to know about us. Though we have some revenue streams that we have already laid down, getting acknowledged by Nasscom and the industry will just help us in the future.

What exactly is the Panini keypad?
Panini keypad is basically a usability technology and it facilitates people to write in India’s regional languages as well as 10 global languages. It is extremely fast; in fact you can type faster in a regional language than in English! It is based on a prediction mechanism which is our patent pending invention. It is completely platform agnostic and can be used for PC, web, ATM, gaming consoles, mobiles, etc.

Currently, it supports 9 scripts such as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Gujarati, etc.

What does the future hold for Luna?
As I mentioned earlier, we have already built for 10 global languages; so we feel that it is time that we focus more internationally. It is also very important that we get increased traction in the domestic market. We are already in talks with OEMs and have already signed some deals. Other areas which we are looking to explore are VAS players and retails stores.

I also feel that the value proposition that we bring to regions like the Arabic and African markets is great and we should explore them.

You mentioned that you have set up some revenue streams? Can you tell us something more about them?
We have already tied up with 4-5 OEMs and we hope to see the product hit the market this quarter itself. We have also tied up with a lot of VAS players so you can download it directly from app stores. Apart from this we are also looking at making Panini available through the larger retail stores.