Perpetuuiti's Local Touch To Global IT Needs

by Sohini Bagchi    Sep 10, 2015


Even though IT companies are increasingly going global, many of them are realizing that ignoring the local flavor can lead to missed business opportunity. Despite smashing down geographical barriers with technology,  the universal message does not necessarily resonate well with customers and partners across culture and language. One such innovative tech company that has realized the importance of localization to enrich its global business is Perpetuuiti Technosoft. The business continuity planning/disaster recovery (BCP/DR) firm has launched 10 multilingual versions of its flagship products namely Continuity Vault, Continuity Patrol, Ops-Central and Dependency Discovery Engine (DDE).

In a recent conversation with CXOtoday, Ashis Guha, Sr VP- Sales (APAC & ME), Perpetuuiti states, “Apart from English, the new versions will be available in Japanese, Korean, Thai, Spanish, Arabic, German, Mandarin, Malay and Indonesian.” He informs that the multilingual versions will provide support to customers and partners located in different countries while increasing Perpetuuiti’s global reach.

According to Guha, the same software products are not only translated into local foreign languages to address the needs of key global markets, but will also address the specific pain points and local issues of organizations.

“Having People, Processes and Technology as the three pillars of success, the company prepares customers to deal with any catastrophe with minimal loss of time, efficiency and costs by ensuring real-time visibility of disruption even during any type of IT Disruption, even a downtime,” he states, adding that the company’s multilingual product versions are an important milestone in its endeavor to connect better with partners and customers and ensure greater satisfaction among a diverse set of audience.

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In June, Perpetuuiti TechnoSoft started its R&D center in Chennai to launch innovative technology solutions in the emerging areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Service Continuity and Availability Management and Recovery Assurance products. The R&D Centre in Chennai would not only facilitate the development of Perpetuuiti’s new products in these new areas, but would also provide value added solutions to existing and potential customers, says Guha.

Founded in 2011 by Rohil Sharma, (co-founder-CEO) as an Enterprise Software Company, Perpetuuiti is currently working to launch its artificially intelligent product called Av3ar, which Guha remarks will reduce costs and increase productivity considerably for clients. The company says it is compatible across all devices including personal computers, tablets and mobiles.

“Av3ar is an artificially-intelligent system with cognitive computing and machine learning capabilities that is designed to do some of the critical yet mundane tasks. This will help organizations focus on core activities - thereby increasing productivity and efficiency at a reduced cost,” explains Guha.

With its global presence in India, Singapore, the US and UAE, the company currently counts Intel Capital as its sole institutional investor. It has also roped in former Bank of America executive Robert WFrick from BofA as a director on board, further looking to make a strong foray into the US and sell its products to large enterprises. As per an ET report (confirmed by Guha), the company is aggressively looking to raise a fresh round of funding between $15-20 million with existing and new investors, even as it prepares to roll out its latest software product that can automate manual, repetitive back-office technology tasks for customers.

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Perpetuuiti has recently been named “Cool Vendor”, by Gartner for helping IT leaders and CIOs improve operational resilience by using backup and recovery for IT services heterogeneity, communications and collaboration tailored to manage crises, and automation to make the case for a strong continuity program.

Increased operations resilience expectations are occurring at a time in which many organizations are revising their strategies to modernize data centers. “The honor further gives us the impetus to bring out more innovative and personalized solutions in the coming months,” Guha sums up.