Pidilite Spends Rs 7 Cr on IT; Looks For New ERP

by Hinesh Jethwani    Apr 02, 2004

Pidilite Industries Ltd. - the manufacturers of Fevicol, the country’s largest selling adhesive - has completed a Rs 7 Crore IT initiative this year, supplementing their nationwide locations with a significant investment in Sify’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) and infrastructure upgrades.

Speaking to CXO today, Zoeb Adenwala, Chief -IT, Pidilite, said, “The new Sify VPN additions, equipped with IPsec tunneling, will interconnect 80 Pidilite locations across India. We had deployed software tools from Business Objects four years ago, and have added a new module called Web BO this year, which provides data analyzing and decision support across 60 different locations.”

The BI solution is largely used by the sales and marketing team as a decision-support tool, and it allows the company’s business heads to track daily sales down to each state, territory, and area. It provides information like sales figures, growth patterns, knowledge of which products sell better, and margins offered by each product. It can also act like a financial driver and display stock positions. Pidilite’s sales and marketing team relies heavily on the BI system, and cannot afford a downtime even for a day, according to Adenwala.

Pidilite typically spends around Rs 5-6 crores per year on IT. “We are currently using Orion ERP, and plan to go in for an upgrade by around June-July this year,” said Adenwala. However, he refused to divulge the name of the new ERP, which was under consideration.

Regarding the use of Linux, Adenwala commented that it wasn’t being significantly used within the organization at the front end, and currently only mailing applications and other backend systems were configured on the OS.

Pidilite’s Business Objects BI tool runs on an IBM x440 server at the data center and sources the data from the ERP. The software refreshes data into the BI server from the ERP system, runs OLAP tools, and provides a front-end.

”We have made significant improvements to our IT framework in this financial year, with a collective upgrade of 150 desktops to the latest Pentium IV 2.8 Ghz machines completed last quarter,” added Adenwala.

“Security has been another area where we have invested significantly this year, with major investments in Anti-virus, Content scanners, Anti-spam software, Gateway level safety, etc., all provided by Symantec and Trend Micro,” Adenwala concluded.

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