Polycom, Juniper Join Forces to Counter Cisco

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 25, 2010

Pure-play video conferencing player Polycom and Juniper Networks plan to announce a partnership to counter the synergy advantage gained by networking major Cisco Systems after acquiring video conferencing firm Tandberg.

In the changed market environment following Cisco’s acquisition of Tandberg, the two companies have a common rival in Cisco Systems — the world’s largest video conferencing equipment company today.

In a partnership that both companies plan to announce today, Polycom and Juniper will make their technologies work together and jointly sell their products. That way, telecommunications providers that normally manage video-conferencing systems for companies will be more likely to buy Juniper gear and recommend Polycom systems, said Bob Hagerty, Polycom’s CEO.

In recent months, the two companies have been working closely with other companies in strategic alliances. For example, Juniper recently made available certain computer code that will make it easier for outside companies to write programs that work with Juniper’s gear, while Polycom is working with IBM to develop video-conferencing products for the home.

In India, Polycom currently has a tie-up with telecom service providers including Bharti Airtel and Reliance Communications.

In the present scenario, the option for Polycom is either to face the Cisco-Tandberg challenge or be gobbled by Cisco’s rivals, say industry watchers.