Portal For CXOs On Move

by Sohini Bagchi    Feb 17, 2006

The growth in the serviced-apartments industry during the last one year has led to a surge of serviced apartments springing all over major metros in the country. Most companies face the formidable challenge of reaching out to new customers despite the demand for outstripping supply.

Keeping that in mind, BNA Technology - an Application Services Provider (ASP) of Internet enabled solutions has come up with a new portal exclusively devoted to serviced apartments, V. Ranganathan, MD, BNA Technology Consulting Ltd told CXOtoday.

The portal,www.serviceapartmentbooking.com will act as a single platform for various serviced apartments to represent themselves and for potential customers to check out various options and make the choice accordingly.

The user-friendly new portal has exhaustive information and is enabled with a BNA’s new web-based tool “LivServ”, which allows the customer to interact live with a trained agent on their queries and their, besides information about the availability of rooms in a specific serviced apartment.

On the market for this software he remarked, “The serviced apartments industry is maturing into a significant niche within the overall hospitality industry. However, due to the nascent nature of the industry there are huge gaps and challenges faced by both the consumers and the serviced apartment industry.”

He feels that there is no single platform available where all the offerings can be compared for the customer to make a choice. On the other hand, there is no single and convenient platform available for the owners to reach the potential customers from across the globe.

“The portal is highly informative and has continuous updates and leverages technology proactively to add value to the twin audiences the portal seeks to address,” he said.

The cost effectiveness of service apartments is making them second home for expatriates and business executives on the move.

On the various segments targeted, he said that foreign banks would ideally use these apartments and multinational companies, as also CXOs on the move.

BNA is currently trying to customize the tool to different verticals. It sees retail, pharma and insurance as prospective areas for developing and marketing this tool. The company has also roped in a number of other clients in the financial services institutions, hospitality and service apartment segment and hopes to sign-up at least 100 more customers in three months, said Ranganathan.