Positive Feedback Can Enhance Productivity Among IT Staff: Report

by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 14, 2018


Managers with positive attitude, sharing positive feedback with the employees and creating an open culture for the free exchange of ideas and opinion can help boosting the productivity and motivation amongst IT employees, revealed a recently conducted study.   

The Singapore-French study emphasized on the role of organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) to deal with the issues pertaining to employee motivation and retention. The careful planning and strategies can help keeping the IT employees motivated despite the industry challenges.

Positive feedback to instil positivity

“Positive feedback from managers will also increase the extrinsic employee motivations”, said Shalini Chandra, assistant professor at S P Jain School of Global Management in Singapore to PTI as quoted in Business Line. The positivity shown by managers can help the employees staying socially motivated, spreading positivity in the organization.

Also, showing real impact of their work by connecting them to their beneficiaries can help the organisation in a long run.

Boosting productivity

The study has emphasized on the role of open culture for enhancing productivity in the IT companies. The employees would be more motivated to work and think on the ideas if they are given a platform to exchange ideas and get heard and appreciated.

“Knowing that affective commitment can play a significant role in influencing employees to engage in extra role behaviours, this can be leveraged by Information Systems (IS) managers in multiple ways”, said Shalini Chandra.

Chandra further added, “Organizations can enhance extrinsic meaning of work for their employees by offering them extrinsic perks such as free lunches at work because in the long run they help in enhancing their commitment to the organisation.” 

She worked on the study in collaboration with Associate Professor Damien Joseph from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, and Associate Professor Shirish C Srivastava of HEC Paris while highlighting India’s need to have more “output from employee performance” as the country industrializes.