Pre-Standard 802.11n Products May Lose Cert

by CXOtoday Staff    Oct 12, 2004

The Wi-Fi Alliance today announced that it will not certify data rate enhancement features based on the IEEE 802.11n amendment to the 802.11 wireless LAN standard until the standard is ratified.

The alliance will revoke the certification of any product with claims of 802.11n capabilities if that product is proven to adversely impact the interoperability of other Wi-Fi certified products.

No 802.11n products currently exist, and none are expected to exist until the standard is completed in approximately two years (November 2006). To avoid customer confusion, the alliance strongly discouraged the use of the term “IEEE 802.11n” in association with any Wi-Fi certified product.

“Pre-standard products always present an inherent risk for technology adopters, and that is why we will not certify 802.11n products until the IEEE standard is finalized,” said Wi-Fi Alliance MD, Frank Hanzlik.

Gartner’s Ken Dulaney, a leading analyst covering wireless LANs added, “Vendors took advantage of unsuspecting buyers when they touted pre-standard technology for 802.11g that later did not meet the standard. Left unchecked, the industry is unfortunately poised to repeat itself with 802.11n.”

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