Prez Advocates Nano Technology for Agriculture

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 10, 2006

Tech-savvy President APJ Abdul Kalam called for use of nano and transgenic technologies as part of the multi-dimensional approach to farm research for facilitating second green revolution in the country.

Inaugurating a seminar on re-orienting agricultural research to meet millennium development goals organized by the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) recently, the president suggested select areas for researches in agriculture, using nano technology.

He recommended nano-porous zeo-lies for slow-release and efficient doses of water, fertilizers for plant and of nutrients and drugs for livestock. He also suggested use of nano-capsules for herbicide delivery and nano-sensors for soil quality and for plant health monitoring.

“Application of nano-technology which is knocking at our door in food processing are nano-composites for plastic film coating used in food packaging, anti-microbial nano-emulsions for applications in de-contamination of food equipment, packaging or food processing,” he said.

On use of plant genomics, Kalam said this has opened up new avenues to modulate gene expression so that the plant can be converted into proficient genotypes or varieties to be used as bio-factories for producing useful proteins, therapeutic molecules, nutritional compositions and stress tolerant crops to meet the needs in an eco-environment friendly manner.

The president informed that research group under K Veluthambi at Madurai-based Kamraj University has identified three anti-fungal genes. This group has developed 30 transgenic rice lines using these genes which overcomes rice blast disease and sheath blight disease. He said a group of scientists have given intensive training to the farmers of Bihar for using genetically modified seeds to suit the soil, fertilizer use and proper water management.