Private clouds are the future, says EMC

by Sharon Lobo    Nov 10, 2010

Private CloudIn a bid to ensure it does not miss the cloud bus, EMC (NYSE:EMC) held its first ever forum in India. At the event held in Mumbai, several subsidiaries of EMC including Iomega, RSA and VMware (NYSE:VMW) showcased their products and services that enable enterprises to move to the cloud.

At the forum, EMC stressed the importance private clouds would play in the future. In one of the track sessions titled ‘The cloud has a silver lining - EMC IT: Our journey to the Private Cloud’, Tarun Sareen, senior director at EMC Data Storage Systems India said that the cloud has become the number one priority for IT decision makers across verticals. Additionally it is now necessary for businesses to move to the cloud as managing information with the current infrastructure is set to become more complex, inefficient, inflexible and costly. With advantages like on-demand self service, ubiquitous network access, metered usage, rapid elasticity and resource pooling, cloud computing will create a more flexible and scalable environment, opined Sareen.

An interesting point was raised by Sareen who insisted that next generation datacenters should not only have qualities such as trust, control, reliability and security like their predecessors, but also needed to be dynamic, cost-effective, On-demand and flexible. Additionally it was time for enterprises that use private cloud to also start leveraging the public cloud.

There are of course challenges a business might face when setting up a private datacenter. These include globalization, storage growth, application explosion, cost of ownership, security etc. However there are products and solutions that enable business to overcome these hurdles. For instance an official from EMC IT gave an example where they have managed to setup a private datacenter within their organization that caters to over 48,000 users, which are their employees. By going to the private cloud EMC IT has been able to lower costs, improve quality of service and improve agility.