Productivity Boost: Editing Multiple Photos at Once

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 11, 2017

The digital era has spawned a closer connect that ever before with the world of visuals. Be it moving images or stills, the on-screen consumer often prefers to get one picture that explains instead of a few hundred words. 

Of course, even in the non-digital era, media gurus would often claim that an emotive image could tell a story better than a thousand words. With paucity of time and ease of consuming content over smaller screens, the importance of visual connect has grown exponentially in the digital era. 

Marketing pundits would emphasize time and again on quality images across collaterals. Media today thrives on stills and video visuals. The world of e-commerce requires digital images by the dozens, shot from different angles and exposing divergent features, in order to lure customers into clicking that elusive ‘Buy’ button. 

But, who has the time? 

Time.., this is one of the few essential aspects our digital age can’t really provide in abundance, as we would repeatedly need. Let’s face it, it’s getting more and more challenging to juggle multiple projects at once. And this is happening not necessarily because we can’t handle the work volume, rather due to the ever-increasing lack of time. 

Fortunately for us, technology comes to the rescue once again. Today we can find more and more tools intended to remove the clutter in our professional lives and hence to take our productivity level higher. Productivity tools cover now a wide array of fields of work, delivering effective solutions in many areas: from task management and time tracking to content creation and photo editing.

Because our modern era is always in demand for visuals, we find ourselves constantly editing images. Of course, this task is both time and energy-consuming, because we can’t afford that our images look sloppily edited. The good news is that, thanks to specially-built software, we can now automate a great deal of post-processing operations and therefore get more things done in less time. 

Say Hello to Batch Image Editor

Whether we’re talking about business professionals, organizations, digital entrepreneurs or regular users, we could all use a little outside help when dealing with massive collections of photos. And help does come under the name of BatchPhoto.

Photo editing is becoming a challenge for publishers

BatchPhoto is a tool for both Windows and Mac designed to increase productivity by automating a large variety of repetitive operations. What this software does is allow users to edit multiple images at the same time in a simple and effective manner. With just a couple of cliks users can resize, convert, crop, date stamp,  watermark or touch-up dozens or hundreds of photos in the same session and then directly upload them from within the app to FTP or their Facebook or Flickr account.

It’s a well-known fact, nobody wants to perform the same task over and over again. When it comes to photo editing, no user will want to manually adjust the contrast, the brightness or the color of 30 or 40 photos. It would be a tedious job that would significantly slow down the working flow. This is where a batch processing tool steps in and provides users with the chance to apply a single edit to numerous pictures at once.


BatchPhoto is an application that helps edit several pictures at one time

Since it’s designed with productivity in mind, BatchPhoto offers other features to improve the photo processing workflow. For example, users can save their current settings as profiles and easily use them again when necessary. Moreover, the software comes equipped with a Folder Watch function, which monitors selected folders for newly added photos and automatically applies pre-defined edits. 

It’s All About Simplification

Time is without a doubt one of our most precious resources and therefore we need to learn to maximize it. Basically, today in our fast-paced era it all comes down to simplification. In order to successfully accomplish our diverse tasks we need to prioritize them, to better organize our time and implement technology in the process. Tech tools can really make a difference in our organization’s productivity by helping us optimize various processes and hence saving valuable time and energy. 

(The author of this article is Mike Cosmin Unguru, Founder of Bits&Coffee)