Programmatic Changing The Face Of Online Advertising


Programmatic is an evolution that has changed the face of online advertising. It is an automated software that helps in buying and selling of media in real time without any human intervention that is truly holistic and an impeccable tool for the advertising ecosystem. It ensures that the ads are being directed to the right person.

Globally, programmatic advertising has been remarkable in the online advertising industry.  A recent study forecasts that the global programmatic spending will account for 50% of the total ad spend and take over other forms of advertising by 2018.

Scenario in India

In India, the digital advertising will account for 12.7% of all the ad spend this year. With such growth, India is focusing more on digital and shifting their focus from traditional forms of advertising. While print and television still dominate the Indian advertising industry, digital remains the fastest growing platform with a 40% growth YoY.

Programmatic is a term still new in India with a very few ad tech companies using it to provide services and solutions to their customers. Many companies in India are still practicing the traditional mediums to advertise online,which does not serve the purpose for their advertisers as the viewers watching the ads may not always be their target audience.

Despite the increasing digital ad spend and the growth of the online advertising industry, Indian media buying ecosystem continues to stay faithful to traditional forms of print and television advertising. With the growing attempts to move towards digital, programmatic stands as a hope for revolutionizing online advertising in India.

Ad technology in India

As of now, India lags behind other countries in programmatic advertising due to the lack of technology and less number of SSPs (sell side platform) and DSPs (demand side platform) being present. DSPs and SSPs work simultaneously for the advertisers and publishers helping them increase their fill rates and earnings.

With programmatic on board, the road seems simpler for having India specific SSPs and DSPs which would help ad tech companies, advertisers and publishers to grow in the near future.

Programmatic advertising demands data of a user such as location, interest, gender, age group, demographic etc, to help the advertisers target them with more precision. Though India has millions of internet users and a lot of their data online, there are not many DMPs (Data Management Platforms) available who could help segregate this data and help ad technology companies to target with accuracy. Programmatic can really help in targeting these users so that the advertisers can show their ads to the right audience.


Programmatic advertising in India is still fresh and people are learning about how to implement it. Brand managers and media planners are gaining knowledge from international organizations and trying to practice programmatic in India. The Indian market is reluctant to change and is still practicing the traditional methods of advertising. Imparting knowledge about programmatic and how it works will definitely help us solve these problems.

Future of Programmatic in India

India will soon adopt programmatic advertising, replacing the traditional digital mediums and will be able to serve the advertisers and publishers with better targeting and analytics and performance tracking.

Programmatic advertising technology will make the ad buying system more efficient, and therefore cost effective. Thus, helping more and more people to opt-in and try out digital advertising in our country. Brands will soon start embracing programmatic and benefit from it by providing better targeting along with tracking performance and analytics.