Progressive Infotech to Become Cloud Broker by 2015

by Sandhya Malhotra    Dec 10, 2013


Progressive Infotech, a New Delhi-based Cloud Provider of Amazon Web services and Microsoft, has drawn up plans to become a Cloud Broker over the next two years, having rolled out a unique cloud services platform for its large enterprise clients called ‘’, says Prateek Garg, Managing Director and CEO of Progressive Infotech in an exclusive interaction.

Journey through the Cloud

Elaborating on his company’s journey through the cloud, Garg reveals, “At this point in time, what we are doing is just about IT transformation. Broadly it means, we are driving and helping customers to do IT transformation at three levels.”

The first is Business Transformation or how to use IT to drive business outcome with things like business intelligence, collaboration, applications modernization. Second is Operation Transformation, which means, brining method, the way IT run in the organization to drive better ROI and better business outcome. The third level is Cloud Transformation in which we consult with our customers and getting them initialized on the cloud journey, he says.

The company feels that domestic players cannot create cloud and compete with global players like Microsoft, Amazon and IBM. As these companies are creating cloud infrastructure across the globe, across continents and throughout countries. The kind of innovations and flexibility these cloud companies can provide, there is no way any other company can create in India, he says.

The cloud offerings of Progressive include helping with deployment and managing workloads for the customers. The company has set up a ‘knock center’ in NOIDA, where it monitors and manages all the cloud services.

“Presently, we have fifty customers, who are doing something or the other in the cloud. We have customers ranging from manufacturing, services, telecom VAS and FMCG. There is a large healthcare company, who has completely moved to cloud. We feel in another 12 months this will really grow exponentially and we see around 200 of our customers will move to cloud services,” Garg added.

In addition, Progressive has also introduced a backup recovery service, named My Data Sync, which helps customers in create Disaster recovery and business continuity on the cloud. Many of its large corporates are using in India and Middle East as well.

For Progressive, the cloud Journey started way back in 2010. It sets up first private cloud in India for IIT Delhi in the year. This was the time when it started its hands and feet wet in cloud.

“All this while, we started understanding cloud as a technology, its adoption, value proposition. But now, over the last 3-4 years, things have matured. Everyday there is a new cloud service, so much of innovation is happening and whole thing is matured. The issue of security is gone away or is slowly disappearing. In fact, as a company, we have moved all our workloads to Amazon Web services, including ERP applications. Only the access servers and development servers are with us. Rests of business applications are the cloud, says Garg.

To become a top notch cloud service provider, the company also discontinued its hardware business earlier this year. “We don’t do hardware anymore, we have completely transformed from hardware. This year we are now pure services business with 1000 people in India and Middle East. In our view, the cloud story will see either public or hybrid cloud. We don’t see private cloud as relevant. Moreover, the overall the pricing of public cloud infrastructure is coming down. In the last three years, Amazon has done 4-6 price revisions downwards,” he says.

Future on the Cloud

When asked about his business plans, Garg believes that they would grow the current line of business over the next two years. “We see ourselves as cloud brokers, offering multiple cloud services on our platform It’s an early days for us. We think there are lots of cloud-services coming up. There are two things we think platform/infrastructure as a service will plateau over time, what will come into play is business process as a service. (BPASS) We think as it matures we will have more and a larger role to play.”

He says the company will help customers adopt to the cloud and roll out their usage. There is also the distinct possibility of multiple clouds being used in organization whereby it will be a multi-polar world and will require someone who can integrate and make them talk to each other, he says.

“This is where we see ourself fitting into it. We are at a primitive level, it would act like a market place, and many cloud service providers will come in. In US there are many such cloud brokers, but in India the concept yet to take off,” he says.