Qualcomm forms incubation lab for next-gen services and apps

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 26, 2010

Qualcomm forms QSLThe newly formed subsidiary Qualcomm Services Labs (QSL) will develop and introduce new services and applications that tap into the advantages of mobile technology. Designed to operate as an incubator, the company will explore new ideas, technologies and service models that can have an immediate impact in the marketplace, as well as drive the adoption of Qualcomm’s technologies.

As the QSL mobile services and applications mature, QSL will determine whether these products will be transferred to a new or existing Qualcomm division or if they will be established as a separate business entity.

QSL and its products will focus on five main areas:

* Communication
* Information/entertainment
* Discovery (personalized and context-aware recommendations)
* Life automation (using digital information to simplify life and relieve daily hassles)
* Digital to physical (access to relevant digital information to enhance mobile interactions)

“Powerful new mobile devices and high-speed networks today make it possible to introduce entirely new categories of mobile services, and to give consumers new capabilities that enrich their lives,” said Isaac Babbs, general manager of QSL. “As an incubator, QSL is structured to help fast-track these new capabilities. We are focused on developing innovative new mobile applications and service models and getting them to market quickly.”