Quantum offers new storage enhancements to enterprises

by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 08, 2012

disk backupData protection and management firm Quantum announced it has added capabilities to its DXi8500 appliances by significantly increasing the storage density and power savings. According to the company, with the new enhancements make the new solution the industry’s most efficient disk backup and deduplication offering for enterprise customers.

According to Quantum, the DXi8500 now incorporates 3 TB disk drives to deliver 50 percent greater storage density, 42 percent more power savings and 25 percent higher performance, offering the smallest footprint and the highest value of any enterprise disk backup solution available. In addition, the new DXi8500 encrypts data at rest without impacting performance, one of its recent data security enhancements.

On the whole, the DXi8500 updates and security enhancements are designed to help enterprises improve data protection efficiencies while meeting increasingly demanding service level agreements (SLAs) and security needs.

“Our customers increasingly want to keep more data for longer periods, and they have to keep it secure and manage it at a lower cost throughout the data lifecycle,” said Robert Clark, senior VP - Data Protection Group, Quantum. “They need to accomplish this while meeting increasingly demanding SLAs. Our goal is to provide the tools customers need to adapt to this changing environment with certainty,” he said.

The DXi8500 with 3 TB disk drives now provides up to 330 TB usable capacity in a single 19-inch rack. The larger capacity drives enable up to 11 TB/hour in performance and reduce power consumption from 7000 kWh to approximately 4000 kWh for 330 TB. The solution is also cost-effective as the company claims that it starts at half the price of the leading competitive offering while providing twice the usable capacity.

“Organizations of all sizes are concerned with optimizing performance and improving efficiency at all price points. The enhancements to the DXi8500 platform address these concerns by increasing capacity and density, reducing required power and cooling, while also improving performance,” noted Russell Fellows, senior partner, Evaluator Group.

He believes that the new enhancement would help enterprises meet increasingly difficult data protection needs within limited budget.