Quatrro BPO Adopts WebEx's ACD Platform

by Muntazir Abbas    Feb 10, 2009

Quatrro BPO is one of the leading offshoring companies in India with business operations in the mortgage and technical support, finance and accounting, consumer analytics, risk management and knowledge services areas.

"Quatrro BPO serves several overseas clients who need instant technical support and services. We zeroed in on Ciscos Webex for multitasking, including remote troubleshoot and call center ACD integration. Multitasking on unified communication system is good, and WebEx sees issues firsthand, rather than verbal intervention," said Gujral.

Cisco’s WebEx serves nearly 8 million individuals every month with a portfolio of next-generation collaboration products and services based on Web 2.0 technologies. "85 percent of the customers’ issues can be resolved using remote support tools. The solution facilitates a view of customer’s desktop. Over the Internet, we can take control of the customer’s desktop," he said.

Web ACD is a meeting tool with integrated audio. The prime functionality of Web-based ACD customizations is BPO operation with a focus on customer support. This technology is, however, taking over traditional ACD systems with an advantage of cost-effective deployment. "It facilitates click-to-connect based access over the Web; auto-escalation and notification; and self-service scheduling option," said Gujral.

Speaking further on its adoption, he said that the deployment offers collaborative application for Web meetings and remote support and cross-platform, including Windows, MAC and Linux Solaris support and integration with client through e-mail, as well as in-session chat. "This suite of service ensures cost-saving, satisfaction, and is comparatively faster," he added.

Additionally, he said, it provides with an option of safe-mode restart. "It helps to serve retailers who want to avoid PSTN and TFN charges. Also, it helps in ensuring communication privacy. It has 128-bit SSL and 256-bit AES encryption."

On the company’s future roadmap, Gujral said that Quatrro BPO would continue to target SMBs and households for subscription-based technical support services. "We’ll use additional functionalities of WebEx ACD and we’re optimistic that we wouldn’t get a single call from our customers related to operations," he said.


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