Quinnox evaluating app virtualization solutions

by Abhinna Shreshtha    May 12, 2010

Virtualization is not a new concept for Quinnox. The IT services provider started virtualizing its servers back in 2007 and now boasts of running 108 virtual servers on just 4 physical servers.

(For the complete case study of Quinnox’s virtualization deployment, please click here.)

Chandrakesh Rai, head (ITIM) for Quinnox, who heads the IT team in Quinnox is now looking for an appropriate application virtualization platform for the company. Speaking on the need for app virtualization, he said, "Application virtualization will be the next big thing. The concept of endpoint security has moved to endpoint management, but the problem is that it is not easy and till now there has not been a robust solution for it. It (application virtualization) will enable us to control licensing costs while giving better visibility in terms of security."

Quinnox is currently evaluating VMware ThinApp. The company has already completed evaluations of Symantec Altris and Microsoft Application Virtualization, along with some open source solutions. However, Rai said that though Microsoft and Symantec had good solutions, they were lacking in certain aspects. For example, Altris was not compatible with Visual Studio 2008 and there was no commitment from Symantec on whether this would be addressed. "Microsoft’s platform was also not compatible with Visual Studio’08, though, they rectified it on being requested," said Rai.

However, Quinnox had a different issue with Microsoft. "To deploy the solution, they required all machines to have enterprise license Windows, which would have significantly increased our costs," said Rai. He did add that they are still negotiating with Microsoft on this issue. The company also decided against going for an open-source solution since it would have had to spend a lot of effort to customize and develop the product.

Quinnox currently uses a VMware platform to run its virtual servers and is quite happy with its performance, though Rai did say that this would have no bearing on the final decision regarding which vendor they would select.