Ramco Partners HP for Core Banking Solution

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 04, 2009

Ramco Systems announced that it has selected HP as the preferred partner to deliver its Core Banking Analytics Solutions for customers in India.

Ramco will work with HP to jointly market and deliver the Core Banking Analytics Solution on HP’s Neoview enterprise data warehousing platform to help customers accelerate growth through improved business insights.

With the new analytics solution, Ramco said banks will be able to obtain an enterprise-wide integrated insight for reviewing risk return profile in each area of banking business. The ability to do this should bring about higher efficiencies and profitability.

Traditional business intelligence solutions are tools that have to be developed on a project basis and are tools for organisations. In addition, banks also rely heavily on MIS reports and external ESS/DSS reports. Ramco’s banking analytics solution is a readmade solution that can be deployed with or without HP’s Neoview platform. The Neoview platform adds the compute power that is required for data warehousing and large concurrent workloads experienced by banks today.

The joint solution is claimed to be able to provide a real-time, performance management application exclusively designed for bankers to ‘Measure, Monitor and Manage’ their business goals, risks and growth. Ramco will provide its pre-packaged banking analytics solution and be based on the HP Neoview enterprise data warehouse platform.

Banks will be able to view data in different perspectives, as and when required, identify trends, and obtain analyses. Employees from different levels of management can also obtain real-time analytics for strategic, operational and tactical purposes. These can be obtained across domains like loans, deposits, trade finance, customers and financials, the company said in a release.

"The Core Banking Analytics Solution from Ramco on an HP Neoview enterprise data warehousing platform will provide the much needed scope for the banks to improve on its business intelligence quest. The best part is that it can be integrated with any core banking solution," said Kamesh Ramamoorthy, COO, Ramco Systems.

The solution is meant to be a suitable option for smaller banks like co-ops as well since there are plans to even offer a hosted solution. The HP Neoview platform is also available in variations that can scale according to compute requirements. Currently, the joint solution is being tried out with a couple of banks as pilot projects. Their banking analytics package will be offered for 1,000 concurrent users.