Ramco Unveils Growth Strategy

by Ashutosh Desai    Oct 08, 2009

Ramco Systems, a business consulting, enterprise solutions and outsourcing service provider, plans to focus on on-demand, BPO, analytics, and aviation solutions, as well as untapped geographies where the company can add value with its solutions.

According to Kamesh Ramamoorthy, COO of Ramco Systems, the company is witnessing growth in the Middle East-Africa market. This region, said Ramamoorthy, is still largely untapped and has a lot of potential.

"We are going to different regions like North Africa where we see a lot of growth. Many of our solutions have tremendous value for them — including our mining solution. We are on the verge of major breakthroughs," Ramamoorthy said.

With the help of its partners in South Africa, the company is also eyeing the southern African region. Ramco already has a presence in nine countries and over 450 customers in 1,000 locations worldwide.

To further exploit its mining solution in the Middle East, the company has appointed new partners. Leveraging its partnerships, Ramco intends to enter GCC countries as well.

With businesses becoming more IT savvy, there is also a demand for Ramco’s ERP, banking analytics and HR management solutions, Ramamoorthy said.

For on-demand and analytics, the company plans to increase its focus more on India as well.  According to Ramamoorthy, analytics will find a lot of takers since organizations, he feels, are now mature enough to understand the advantages of business intelligence solutions.

As an example, he stated that Indian banks require real-time analytics (with compliance) in order to be competitive. Ramco is providing such a solution through a collaboration with HP, where the latter provides its number-crunching Neoview platform. Ramamoorthy said, "Banking operations will go through a shift with the use of this real-time banking analytics. Ramco has been in talks with the banks with regards to this also and has made proposals."

BPO and outsourcing is another area Ramco intends to continue focusing on this year, and the next. The company will continue with its HR and payroll management solutions, so that businesses can cut down on process time and cost. In addition to these solutions, Ramco will also enter other areas of BPO like accounts payable.

Logistics is yet another area that Ramco seems to be very keen about. Ramamoorthy feels that transport logistics is gaining a lot of momentum in India — this includes container logistics, sea and air. The company already has customers like MRC Logistics.

Ramco intends to take these solutions outside India once they go live. Since the aviation sector seems to be improving, Ramamoorthy informed that Ramco is ready with its new version of their aviation solution — with business analytics built into it. These, he added, will prove to be beneficial for aircraft and helicopter companies.

"The whole idea is to focus on few things and do it really well," is Ramamoorthy s mantra for success.