Raritan Launches New KVM In India

by CXOtoday Staff    May 25, 2006

IT operations simplifier Raritan has launched the enhanced version of its analog solution Paragon II V4.1 to provide new management features and improved video screen resolutions.

Paragon II gives IT professionals the power to access and control servers and other network devices anytime, anywhere. According to Raritan, it provides non-blocked access for up to 64 simultaneous users controlling more than 10,000 servers. Management features include logging and audit trails, system-wide reset from a user station and a single, consolidated view of all Paragon connected devices.

Its stackable architecture affords space saving and up to 90% less cabling, combining the User Station role of the UST1 and IP gateway functionality into one device. It also gives remote users on/off/recycle capabilities for power-strip-connected devices. The UST-IP also supports 128-bit SSL encryption and authenticates users against the Paragon II database.

The new video redirection feature allows users to redirect a target server’s video signal from one Paragon II user station to another user station’s monitor for easy collaboration and real-time consultation, making it ideal for applications ranging from network operation centers to broadcast control rooms.

It also supports Pinnacle Fast Action Keyboards (FAKs), which are used widely in television production studios, master control rooms and post-production facilities.

“Since Raritan introduced the industry’s first Cat5 KVM switch, Paragon has been installed in thousands of data centers including some of the world’s largest broadcast and production sites, such as Bloomberg, ESPN and Turner Broadcasting,” said Marshall Saidel, Product Manager, Raritan.

Sanjay Motwani, Country Manager, Raritan India said, “Paragon II shines in situations that need secure, real-time, non-blocked access to servers with quality video transmission.”

The new Paragon II V4.1 KVM switch and enhanced user station offer screen resolutions as high as 1600 x 1200 for distances up to 700 feet from the target server. This is ideal for display that shows fine details and situations where hours of intense screen viewing are required.

Dual capability for both manual as well as automatic video tuning has also been introduced. Automatic tuning saves time - especially when managing large numbers of servers, while manual tuning helps set individual preferences and fine tune for comfort. Video settings can be saved to a database for subsequent sessions.