Raritan Launches Remote Management Solution

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 21, 2006

Raritan has launched a solution to remotely access and manage IT equipment in branch offices and other remote sites called the Raritan Dominion XRO.

The turnkey solution features a browser-based interface and leverages the company s KVM-over-IP, Serial-over-IP and remote power control technologies, supporting up to three servers and eight serially managed devices.

Its CommandCenter SecureGateway delivers a unified, enterprise-wide view and access via a single IP-address to all the IT equipment managed by Dominion XRO units. IT managers can use a single Web or SSH based log-on for a real-time, graphical view of the IT equipment in branch offices and data centers.

The Dominion XRO also boasts of out of band access to remote servers and devices - even in the event of network failure or router operating system crash. It includes an integrated modem for emergency access when the IP network is down.

“Ideal for enterprises with hundreds to thousands of branch offices, Dominion XRO addresses real-world environments where servers with multiple operating systems and an array of telecom equipment coexist in branch locations; where there is little to no IT support on premises; and where there are bandwidth constraints, such as dial-up or unreliable connections,” said Sanjay Motwani, Country Manager, Raritan India.

The Dominion XRO can manage servers, switches, routers, Point-of-Sale systems, PBXs, headless servers, network devices, serial equipment and environmental control devices.

The plug-and-play solution needs no external software or servers to operate and is currently available.