Re-Imagining A Career Women: Newer Roles And Newer Opportunities


Research says that when it comes to the importance of “career” in life, men and women were always in agreement. However, when you talk to them about “life”, women always looked at life as more holistic, fulfilling, meaningful and balanced; while for men it was more a summation of their professional achievements. 

Across the world, girls and boys were often treated differently at home when it comes to their toys, games, and groups. The family setting passes on the beliefs and the early notions of gender specific roles and goals in life. Even though more women are achieving advanced degrees and education, globally there is still often a difference in wages received and also most household chores continue to remain with women.  The society at large demands the expectations in the form of stories of success and failures in life.

While this continues in the background, when it comes to career, we wonder why there is a difference and, we compare, contrast and challenge one another. I feel that this fundamental difference influences our mind when we try to re-imagine a career-women. I always wonder; is it the unlevelled play field or an unquestioned goal list of perceived accomplishments that creates this confusion?

That said, the new age digital economy opens doors to a modern workforce. Organizations are keen to compose teams of multiple perspectives, from diverse backgrounds to create outcomes that are much richer. They are also learning to leverage the inherent traits of women leaders to handle situations with sensitivity and ability to multi-task; while moving away from the traditional leadership models.

Though a recent study mentioned about fewer percentage of women in the US are aspiring for the top spot, there are many more who have leveraged the opportunity to achieve an accomplished professional life. More and more stories of successful women leaders (not just about a few in the corner offices) will help many more to relate to their professional aspirations while they balance a wholesome life.

Across the world, we are witnessing the change of men taking up the role of childcare, enabling women build their career. The company run child care programs show that fathers often bring their children to work.  This shows, the change has begun already and the need is to take this further. We must continue to bend gender stereotypes so we expand our global economy and be more inclusive.  

Strategic initiatives like the ‘Women in Technology’ provides a platform to interact, share and learn from other women leaders who have been able to accomplish professionally while balancing their personal life.  Such interactions help women relate, resonate and get inspired. Global mentoring platforms help women leaders choose mentors and mentees across the globe. This further helps them reimagine and redesign their professional aspirations. Women specific technology platforms helps collaborate, partner, network and explore their potential.

CA globally supports promoting women in technology through sponsoring tech-rocks and having our women leaders share their experiences with young women in school to encourage them to go into computer science careers.

Global companies like CA Technologies, go a long way not just in creating and sustaining an inclusive work environment, but by positioning it as the employer of choice for women, across the globe.

Apart from our policies around flexibility at work, work from home, maternity benefits, parental leaves and on-site Child Development Centers, we also create a stronger network and community of women professionals. Our talent philosophy of “Bring What You Bring” reinforces our belief in diversity and celebrating the uniqueness at work. While we also aim to have a higher percentage of women in the top spots; we are proud that we have enabled many women accomplish a well-balanced and satisfying career.

In the fast changing, digital economy, a key step for businesses is to co-create multiple networking forums, collaborate, appreciate and celebrate the professional accomplishments of women leaders at all levels.

As a progressive nation with a vast pool of talent, it is pertinent to break the barriers in our beliefs while we strive to achieve better outcomes. 

[Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Trivone Media Network's or that of CXOToday's.]