Realizing Zen in Business


Zen and its simplicity

 To be immediate and spontaneous is the idea of Zen. You live with such tremendous spontaneity that the simple beauty of it stuns you, surprises you! There is no future nor the past! You live in the immediacy of it all!

There is only this deep moment to live…You live in the Now.

In simpler words: You remain aloof to the current of thoughts and the mind chatter! You transcend all and are in a state of quiet! You then overcome challenges with surprising ease and achieve goals with relaxed grace!

When this deep understanding dawns on you, you laugh! You realize the simplicity of it all and how ignorant you had been all the while! You smile remembering the time you wasted looking outside for inner peace, while it was hidden deep within!

Realizing the simplicity of it all, you utter-Ah, this!

This is Zen and when you realize it, you are transformed.

Ah, this! in businesses

Enterprises have been attempting to create the magic potion that would guarantee them sure success since mankind saw renaissance. Innumerable management institutions have flourished, hoards of literature have been written and thousands of business leaders have attempted to share their experiences to make it easy for all.

But still the problem remains and organizations continue to puzzle over it!

Business and enterprises often find their top and bottom-lines badly hit and competition overtaking them, leaving them severely beaten and bruised! Markets keep changing and so do the moods of the ever demanding digital customers!It’s so difficult to remain agile and be ahead at the same time!

An enterprise is then like the seeker who is fumbling in the dark, looking for a ray of hope.

Zen says- the seeker need to simply close his eyes and look inwards and realize the truth!Ah, this!

It is within an enterprise itself.

The answer is very simple. An enterprise’s strengths lie in its products, people, processes and its customers. How well the capabilities of these entities are leveraged determine business success.

 Ah, this!

Digital Platforms, Connected Enterprises

Connecting all the internal resources of an enterprise- systems, processes, people, customers and things with Intelligent Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management and Customer Communication Management is the simple answer! These robust digital platforms empowered by new age technologies, such as Robotics Process Automation, Digital Sensing, Mobility etc can transform businesses.Ah, this!

Intelligent BPM connects all business processes. We now have empowered knowledge workerswho have access to information and have much clarity in their work. There are immediate alerts and escalations in the workflows that prompt them to take necessary actions swiftly. Cycle times are optimized and there is smarter work prioritization as part of Process Execution in place. Enterprises build ‘Infinite Business’, where any of their customers, partners, suppliers and employees operate any time and from anywhere.Business leaders can now drive impactful decisions supported by!Ah, this!

Once a layer of contextuality is built on these connections- which is what ECM is all about, we have additional information to help our customers.   Context is also the key towards deriving valuable business insights and engage meaningfully with them. Several researches indicate that customers who are engaged with quick and accurate responses feel more positive towards the enterprise and is more likely to stay with the company. All this is possible with smart ECM technology that helps organizations manage the complete life cycle of their content. The idea is innately simple and all within! Ah, this! And then it’s time to focus on how smartly we communicate with our customers.  Till customers turn into advocates of our business, the battle has not even begun. Enterprises can nurture customers and also acquire new ones, leveraging CCM capabilities. Personalizing communications and reaching out to them on multiple channels address the short attention span of the millennials of today! Connected enterprises: Realizing Zen in Business

The quest to achieve business success hence concludes when we realize Zen in business!

The simple answer is to have connected enterprises that bank on internal capabilities leveraging robust platforms. It was always within!

The time to accelerate the pace has arrived! Ah, this!

Achieving business goals becomes a habit to a connected enterprise. The question is how to continue to be the leader? How to create history and be the “most preferred” brand for your customers, partners and vendors? Acquiring and retaining talent is yet another conundrum to be cracked! How to reign”numero-uno” when all around is chaos!