Reckitt Deploys PeopleSoft Across South Asia

by Julia Fernandes    Sep 24, 2004

Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd., a leading manufacturer of a wide array of household cleaning products, has successfully deployed PeopleSoft World covering more than 60 locations across South Asia.

Sharing this initiative with CXOtoday, Sekhar Rai Choudhuri, vice-president of information systems (IS) and regional IS director- South Asia, Reckitt Benckiser India, said, “We have deployed PeopleSoft World, at our corporate office in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, covering almost 60 plus locations within the South Asian region.”

The solution implemented encompassed all critical functions and processes right from sales and marketing to finance and supply chain. According to Choudhuri, the implementation for the three countries (India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) took around three months each.

Narrating the benefits of the implementation Choudhuri revealed that they have been manifold. Says Choudhuri, “To begin with, we now have one consolidated database for the entire South Asian region, which enables us to conduct regional consolidation in a span of a week.”

Digging deeper, Choudhuri pondered, “The deployment has brought about tremendous homogeneity, as the same set of add-on programs is used by all the three countries apart from an identical chart of accounts maintained by each country. Moreover, with a centralized costing system in place, the numbers are never challenged within the business. We have even managed to eradicate the rampant usage of the Excel spreadsheet.”

According to Choudhuri, by connecting the co-packers the company has for the first time been able to view the All India FG Stocks including the In-transits. Explained Choudhuri, “At Reckitt almost 60% of our products are manufactured by third party vendors. Therefore, the dispatches arrive at our warehouses directly from the production centres. Hence, careful monitoring of these dispatches assume significant importance, otherwise the entire planning and logistics can go awry.”

The solution resides on an IBM AS/400 machine based on the OS/400 (V4R5) operating system, whereas Windows 2000 sits at the client end.

The company’s product basket consists of several popular consumer brands in the antiseptic, household care, toiletries, laundry, insect repellents and shoe care categories. Dettol, Mortein, Robin, Harpic, Lizol, Colin, Cherry Blossom are some of its well-known brands.

The UK-based organization sells its products in 180 countries operating in 60 countries across all continents. The name of the company was changed from Reckitt & Coleman to Reckitt Benckiser due to change in parentage globally.