Remote Control Your PC From Cell Phone

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 19, 2005

Toshiba Corp. recently announced what it claims to be the world’s first software supporting remote operation of a computer from a mobile phone. This software could just about change the way users remotely access their computers.

Called Ubiquitous Viewer, it provides access to any Windows-based home or office computer enabling users to open productivity software such as MS Office suite enabling them to read and modify files.

The software also supports access to PC-based e-mail, Internet browser, and other PC applications, offering users with access to PC-based resources at any time, wherever they are.

Ubiquitous Viewer is a piece of software that bridges the gap between mobile phones and PCs. It boasts of offering users real-time PC access at all times, whether they are sitting in a park or traveling on a train.

In developing Ubiquitous Viewer, Toshiba developed a mobile phone menu to facilitate remote access and use of the PC, and applied advanced data compression technology to support rapid transfer of vast amounts of information between a PC and a mobile phone.

Secure data transfers are achieved by secure socket layer (SSL) encryption and by use of a one-time password for opening the link between the mobile phone and PC.

The software will debut in CDMA1X mobile phones from KDDI’s au, and Toshiba plans to extend application to other carriers in the near future, in Japan and overseas. Subscribers of au will be able to access the service by the end of March 2005.

The move to offer flat rate fee for mobile phone services, now available for 3G phone services by KDDI and NTT DoCoMo, is expected to boost the sales of Ubiquitous Viewer, as mobile phone service subscribers will have access to unlimited packet service and higher bandwidth.