Retailers Need To Adapt To New Tech Platforms

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jun 24, 2014

retail tech

The Indian retail industry should not only leverage innovative technology to prepare for the next wave of customer experiences, but keep adapting to new technology platforms, according to a new BT report, which aimed at assessing the Indian retail industry’s technological readiness. The report highlights how innovative technologies such as augmented reality, image recognition, smartphones and tablets that are revolutionizing the way customer shops today.

Going forward, everything in the store and everyone in it will be connected in real-time to create a personalized environment for shoppers and for store associates as well as managers. By using sensors, video, RFID, precise location data and analytic technologies, store managers will have visibility of everyone and everything within the store.

Whether it is visibility of supply chain, warehouse management, achieving in-store operation efficiencies, improving customer experience, BT’s solutions help solve business and operation issues across the retail value chain. As consumer’s shopping behaviour is going online and mobile, BT is working towards providing seamless integration across online and mobile channels, and into stores, ensuring a smooth multi-channel shopping experience for consumers.

BT’s unified communications products ensure efficient collaborations for retailers and provide on-demand training for their employees. Responding to customer requirements, BT recently developed BT Global Trace for the global supply chain. Built on a genuinely global infrastructure, with industrial strength security, service levels and resilience, BT Global Trace is delivered worldwide as a cloud service.

Sudhir Narang, managing director, BT in India, said: “India is a vast and diverse country and therefore faces the obvious challenges of long distances, and a multiplicity of local regulatory regimes that creates challenges in the effective movement, and monitoring of products as they go through complex supply chains to consumers. Therefore there is a need for technology solutions in the retail sector to deliver a great customer experience, efficient operations, with an eye into consumer insights and employee engagement,”