RFI For Common 'Do Not Call Registry' In India

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 21, 2006

We have all had our share of unwanted phone calls from banking telemarketers pitching various financial products/ services. Finally, Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) and India Cards Council (ICC) with assistance from MasterCard International are doing something about it.

The bodies have issued a ‘Request for Information’ (RFI) for setting up a national common ‘Do-Not-Call Registry’ in India.

The RFI invites information regarding the availability of capable service providers that can lead to the development, deployment and operation of a proposed common national registry of telephone numbers of consumers who do not wish such phone calls.

Interested parties and stakeholders will have one month to respond to the RFI.

At present, several banks have set up their own systems in order to comply with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines. However, this system requires customers to register with each bank separately.

MasterCard, with its experience in the US and Canada, seeks to address this inconvenience with the proposed Do-Not-Call Registry that will be operated on behalf of the entire banking and financial services industry.

The RFI has outlined five primary considerations for a successful Do-Not-Call Registry:

* The accuracy and validity of the consumer telephone numbers added to the registry
* The system’s capacity to handle potential volume of consumer requests and other requests as may be required based on the construct of the registry
* The security of the information maintained in the registry
* The accessibility of the registry to telemarketers and law enforcement and regulatory agents
* The lowest possible system and operational costs.

Announcing the details on the RFI, H N. Sinor, IBA said, “The Do-Not-Call Registry would greatly benefit consumer’s privacy and their right to choose whether they wish to receive marketing enquiries through telemarketing calls on financial products offered by the banks. Further, the Do-Not-Call Registry will provide them with a platform for complaint redressal against any violations by telemarketers.”

He added that constituents who subscribe to the Do-Not-Call Registry yet do not adhere to the rules and norms will be penalized, segregating them from those who observe Do-Not-Call Registry norms.