RFID Tags for 5 Cents

by CXOtoday Staff    May 02, 2006

SmartCode, a manufacturer of RFID hardware solutions, has announced that it will soon be offering RFID tags for as low as 5 cents making it the first company to offer the least expensive RFID tags in the global market.

The news marks a significant turn of events as ever since the formation of the EPC standard in 1999, the target tag price for a sustainable RFID market was depended on the availability of the 5 cent RFID tags.

Prices of the RFID tags have been a prohibitive factor in the mass adoption of the technology. Despite high maturity level and several advantages over bar codes, the conventional mode of inventory tracking, businesses world over have often tried to steer clear of investing in RFID technology due to cost factor and questionable ROI.

However, the 5 cent tags will change all that. Available in quantities of 100 million tags, SmartCodes’ 5 cent RFID tags will pave the way for mass adoption of RFID worldwide.

Avi Ofer, President, SmartCode said, “With no other Pure Play RFID company offering such a variety of RFID solutions, both Passive and Active, including LF, HF, UHF and Microwave, supporting multiple international standards and operating globally with an established presence in the US, Europe and Asia, SmartCode is well positioned to continue its global leadership in this rapidly growing, multi billion dollar market. SmartCode world’s first 5 cent RFID tag further demonstrates our technological superiority and our unique leadership position as being second to none in the market.”

Businesses can now have a reliable, low cost source for their pallet, case and item level tagging with a clear path to justify ROI for RFID, said the company in a statement.