RMITS finds increased acceptance among Indian SMBs

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 17, 2013


Remotely managed information technology services (RMITS) is offering exciting growth opportunities to businesses in India, especially, those in the small and mid-market segment. According to a recent study AMI Partners, the RMITS market share in 2012 showed a considerable 28% year-over-year rise. The increase is nearly double the growth of on-premise IT services within the same period.  The study also noted that over one-third of India SMBs prefer to operate with a mixed portfolio of services, that is, a combination of on-premise and remote models.

According to AMI Partners, RMITS is at an initial stage of adoption for Indian SMBs at penetration levels of 19% for small businesses and 28% for medium businesses. However, going forward, a significant number of SMBs plans to adopt RMITS as they gradually learn to appreciate the benefits of this technology. The AMI study found out more and more businesses getting attracted to RMITS as they are likely to get a quicker and much better ROI. As most SMBs lack efficient inhouse staff, they prefer hassle-free, quick problem resolution attributes from a distance.

RMITS growth is also likely to increase due to factors like improved networking/connectivity and broadband infrastructure, as well as greater availability of RMITS management tools. Cloud computing is also playing a huge role in RMITS adoption as firms utilizing cloud/hosted solutions have often face the challenges of hand-holding, data migration and managing their overall cloud infrastructure and prefer support and services by a trusted RMITS provider.

Another factor fueling the growth of RMITS is that channel partners are progressively adding RMITS to their product/services offerings in order to cater to interested potential customers. As the report states, it’s no longer the metros in India that are driving the adoption of IT products and services, but the tier-II and III cities that are next hub of technology adoption and seeing a considerable adoption of RMITS.