RSA announces the launch of Authentication Manager 8

by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 27, 2013

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RSA, the security division of EMC Corporation, announced the release of RSA Authentication Manager 8, which has been designed for large and small enterprises to secure access to sensitive data and resources in the cloud.

According to the company, RSA Authentication Manager 8 leverages big data analytics and is equipped to provide deeper visibility into access control risk. The new solution is also equipped to build rich user profiles based on both device and behavioral characteristics to detect and permit normal behavior and block anomalous activity. RSA The risk-based approach can offer enterprises a higher level of identity assurance without compromising user convenience or productivity, said the company statement.

“As the enterprise perimeter continues to disappear and the threat landscape continues to change, so must our approach to authentication. Today, only 20 per cent of enterprises deploy some form of strong authentication for their users – leaving the other 80 per cent at risk. Our goal with RSA Authentication Manager 8 is to turn what is fundamentally a Big Data problem into a cost-effective and seamless solution that can help protect 100 per cent of users,” said Manoj Nair, Senior Vice President and General Manager, RSA Identity & Data Protection.

“By leveraging big data risk analytics approach, we are taking the next step towards creating an “infinite factor” system where nearly any element, device attribute or behavior can be part of the equation to calculate risk and authenticity of a user while making it simpler and more effective for the end user, ” he added.

The new solution has the potential to employ more than 100 risk factors in near-infinite combinations, organizations are better equipped to evaluate trust and risk based on user activity and can establish an acceptable level of authentication assurance based on individual risk tolerance. RSA Authentication Manager 8 will be available worldwide from March 2013 onward, said the company.