RSA, Juniper extend partnership to tackle threats in mobile security

by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 26, 2013

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As the limits of legacy security techniques such as IP-based reputation databases and signature-based anti-virus products become more evident, customers increasingly need to rely on threat intelligence to help stop advanced threats. Today, intelligence operations—whether military, counterterrorism, or cyber security—rely on the breadth of sources and techniques to be as effective as possible. Unfortunately, broad-scale intelligence sharing amongst IT security vendors is limited, leaving customers with serious visibility gaps into the threat landscape.

RSA, the security division of EMC, and Juniper Networks are addressing these limitations by creating a technology partnership that would provide extensive intelligence sharing between the RSA Live threat delivery service and Juniper Networks Junos Spotlight Secure global attacker intelligence service.
RSA and Juniper Networks today announced their intent to expand their technology partnership designed to help customers stop the wave of advanced threats targeting their networks and securely enable mobile access to applications for increased productivity.

RSA intends to use this to extend threat visibility and analytics within RSA Security Analytics, providing deeper insight and visibility of threats to customers. Juniper intends to embed this additional intelligence into network enforcement points, such as the Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateway firewall product, in order to more effectively block threats in real-time.

The Junos Spotlight Secure global attacker intelligence service captures and shares digital fingerprints of attacker devices in real-time, providing better precision in tracking and blocking attackers than IP reputation databases. The RSA Live solution is designed to focus on malicious networks, including command-and-control and advanced threat-related domains. The sharing of these sources and techniques is anticipated to help provide customers with visibility into the attacks that target their networks, as well as the ability to block and mitigate them.

In addition, RSA and Juniper intend to build on a previous agreement announced in 2012 to help enable mobile security services tying strong authentication with secure remote access to extend the security model and streamline the mobile user experience when accessing both corporate and cloud-based resources. The two companies are engaged in on-going interoperability testing so that RSA mobile authentication technologies work with the Juniper Networks Junos Pulse SSL Secure solution for secure, mobile remote access to corporate resources. The companies also intend to collaborate further to enable Junos Pulse SSL Secure to authenticate native mobile application access to present a unified access point for both VPN and mobile applications.

“Two of the most common requests we get from customers are about improving information sharing and enabling them to deploy greater security on mobile devices. This expanded technology partnership would enable RSA and Juniper to help address both of those key requirements for customers, and set the stage for increased collaboration on a wider range of advanced security challenges,” said Art Coviello, Executive Chairman, RSA and Executive Vice President, EMC Corporation.

“The future of cyber security is centered around enabling real-time sharing of intelligence to prevent advanced attacks. Juniper and RSA are teaming up to share extensive intelligence and drive the industry forward. Spotlight, Juniper’s global attacker intelligence service, announced today, transforms the industry from tracking IP addresses to tracking and stopping individual attackers. When Spotlight is coupled with the RSA Live service, customers win by gaining more complete situational awareness and better prevention of advanced attacks,” said Nawaf Bitar, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security Business Unit, Juniper Networks.